The Team

StJohn Wiles

StJohn co-founded Infora and leads Infora’s day-to-day operations with the primary responsibility of ensuring customer satisfaction in our products and our service.  When not at Infora you will find StJohn playing tennis,  hosting barbeques, and going for long walks with his family.


Vaughan Wiles

Vaughan joins Infora from Mango International, which he founded in 2001 and led as President and CEO. Vaughan specializes in new product introductions to the North American retail market and brings invaluable experience to the Infora team. When not at Infora you will find Vaughan flying his ultralight airplane, or playing squash.


Roberta McBride

Roberta is responsible for Infora’s logistics and administration. She comes from Mango International and has worked in logistics and account administration for over 20 years. When not at Infora you can often find Roberta testing our products while camping.


Vanessa Buckley

Vanessa leads Infora’s Account Management, working directly with our retail partners. She joins Infora from Mango International. When not at Infora you will find Vanessa riding horses, playing squash, or taking her children to karate lessons.


Pia Magnusson Wiles

Pia co-founded Infora in 2009 with her husband StJohn. Working with designers in Denmark, Pia leads Infora’s design initiatives including brand development and new product development. In addition to being a busy mother of three, Pia enjoys Zoomba classes and going for long walks, where her design ideas are often inspired.


Kate McBride

Kate’s primary role is to lead Infora’s customer service to make sure that every transaction is a happy experience for all of our customers – both end users and retail partners. When not at Infora Kate enjoys camping in the summers or skiing through the winters.


John Myers

John is a strategic marketing adviser to Infora, providing valuable insights and input on product development, positioning and promotion. He is co-founder and CEO of Gremlin Hill LLC, a venture marketing company based in Wilton, CT.  John spends his free time with his kids and enjoys doing anything on, in or under the water.


Our Story

Infora is a privately held brand development and distribution company in New York that was founded in 2009 by StJohn and Pia Wiles.  Having lived in Sweden, they witnessed alternative approaches to everyday life that they thought would translate universally into other cultures.  They began designing and manufacturing products to bring the benefit of their experience to others.  The launch product was the Halsa Mat, making Infora the first company to offer acupressure mats in North America, and was featured on the Dr Oz show as an audience give-away.  Infora learned from this experience and started building additional unique products and brands.  In September 2011, Infora acquired Mango International, a distributor which specialized in marketing unique product concepts, greatly reducing both the speed and cost of bringing its products to market.


Today, Infora’s has four main brands; Bison, FatCat, Forskona, and Halsa.  We engineer and design the products and distribute them to retailers including specialty local retailers, mail order catalogs, online stores, and national chains.  We also distribute the True Utility brand in the USA.  We continually work to better support our customers with the best technology solutions available and backed by old fashioned customer service.



Infora Head Office (New York, USA)

Address: 44 Amity Rd, Warwick, NY 10990
Mailing: PO Box 478, Pine Island, NY 10969

T +1 845 258 9903

F +1 845 258 2700



Infora AB (Sweden, Europe)

Mailing: Box 55, 43935 Onsala, Sweden

T +46 (0) 730 622 194



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